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Gazprom says Nord Stream 2 project receives fund from European companies

30 августа 2017 г., 16:05Neftegaz.RU601

Nord Stream 2 AG, the project company established for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, received a total of €324 million (about $388 million) in funds from 5 European companies in July, Gazprom said on August 29, 2017.


«Nord Stream 2 AG borrowed funds totaling €324 mln from 5 European companies in July 2017 under conditions of the long-term financing agreement made among the parties in April 2017,» Gazprom, Russia's state and largest natural gas company, said in a report.


The gas pipelinewill undergo planned maintenance from September 11 to September 22, the Switzerland-based operating consortium said on its website on August 30, 2017.


Annual maintenance, usually carried out in the low demand summer season, requires a temporary shutdown of both lines at once, said the consortium


Earlier, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline construction project will be implemented in due time despite new U.S. sanctions which allow fining European companies for participation in joint energy projects with Russia, including Nord Stream 2 pipeline project.



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