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Royal Dutch/Shell Group

Администрирует: Philip Watts
Регистрация: 21 мая 2002 г.
Обновление от: 13 мая 2012 г.
Страна: The Netherlands
Город: The Hague
Почтовый адрес: PO box 162, 2501 AN The Hague, The Netherlands
Телефон: +31 70 377 9111
Электронный адрес:


Do you still think of Shell as an oil company? In fact, we're a global energy company. We do explore for, produce and refine oil. We also find, produce and transport gas. We're very active in renewable energy - from hydrogen, solar, geothermal and wind sources. We have growing businesses in power generation, and a diverse portfolio of products in our chemicals businesses. Our service activities span the globe. As well as supplying fuel at filling stations, we provide a range of services...
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