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July, Tuesday

Oil production from Russian Arctic field set for significant rise

3 export terminals on Russia’s Arctic coast shipped an average of 230,000 barrels of crude in the second quarter of 2016.

Science and Technology

Edward Snowden living in exile in Moscow develops Anti-Spy phone device

Snowden described the device on July 21, 2016, during a presentation at a Massachusetts Institute of Technology event. It was the first time that Snowden, who currently lives in Russia, presented original research at a U.S. university.

3,000 Hours Successfully Completed on Test Bench – The New MTU Gas Marine Engine from Rolls-Royce

The new MTU gas marine engine, the first from Rolls-Royce, has already successfully completed 3,000 hours on the test bench.


Top 10 countries with the cheapest and most expensive gas

In high-wage nations, expensive gas prices are by and large affordable for the population. For example, Norway's gasoline price of $6.53 a gallon is the third highest in the world, but its average citizen earns nearly $200 a day.

Middle East Oil Supply Irrelevant, as Russia’s Arctic Surge Begins

Virtually unreported in the financial press, Russia's «Arctic Surge» of new oil and gas production will increasingly make Middle East oil production irrelevant.

Daily news

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Polish Antimonopoly Office says Nord Stream-2 would inhibit market competition

Poland will not discuss the joint Nord Stream 2 venture with Russia's Gazprom and 5 European company.

Question of the week

Will the russian Turkish stream be launched, or an apology to Erdogan is not enough?

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Fedorov Nikolai Vasilievich
Ex -President of the Chuvashia Republic
Govorukhin Stanislav Sergeevich
Deputy of RF State Duma of the 3rd session
Berezhnoi Michail Pavlovich
General director of LUKOIL-Garant non-state pension fund
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First Vice-President of LUKOIL, Refining, Marketing and Distribution


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