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Природный газ


Chernomyrdin Victor Stepanovich

757 место


Born in 1938 in Orenburg region, Sarakhtash district, village Chorny Ostrog.

In 1966 graduated from Kuibyshev Polytechnical Institute to be an engineer-technologist.

In 1972 graduated from All-Union Polytechnical Institute by Correspondence to be engineer-economist (economy and organization of oil and gas industry).

From 1957 to 1960 served in the Soviet Army.

In 1960-1967 worked on Orsk oil-refinement plant. Since 1961 - member of KPSU (till 1991).

In 1967 to 1969 - instructor of Orsk committee of KPSU.

In 1969-1973 - head deputy, then head of industrial department in Orsk committee of KPSU.

In 1973-1978 - director of Orenburg gas-refinement plant. In 1978-1982 - instructor in KPSU heavy industry department.

In 1982-1983 - Minister deputy of USSR gas industry.

In 1984-1989 - Deputy of USSR Supreme Soviet.

In 1985-1989 - Minister of USSR gas industry.

In 1985-1990 - Deputy of RF Supreme Soviet.

In 1986-1990 - member of CC KPSU.

In 1989-1992 - board chairman of State gas combination Gazprom.

On May, 30, 1992 appointed chairman deputy of the Russian Government on power-energy complex.

On December, 14, 1992 confirmed in the appointment as Chairman of RF Soviet of Ministers.

In April, 1995 became the leader of electoral movement ''Our Home - Russia''.

In December, 1995 elected Deputy of the State Duma. Refused from the mandate and remained Chairman of RF Government.

In spring, 1996 joined the movement supporting Boris Yeltsin in the president elections.

On August, 10, 1996 reconfirmed in the position of Russian Government Chairman.

In spring, 1998 retired.