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The Gas Exporting Coutnries Forum to pick Adeli successor in Moscow

03 октября 2017 г., 11:00Neftegaz.RU559

The Gas Exporting Coutnries Forum is scheduled to elect its next secretary general in its upcoming meeting on October 4, 2017, in Moscow to succeed Iran’s Mohammad Hossein Adeli.


Mr. Adeli, GECF Secretary General, had an interview with iranian Shana prior to the body’s meeting in Moscow regarding the group’s chief agendas in the upcoming meeting.

The official said picking his successor will be top on the forum’s agenda in the Moscow meeting.


Furthermore, members will review the latest gas market developments and exchange market data with each other, he said.

Consideration and endorsement of the body’s 5-year plan, offered by the secretariat, will also be on the meeting’s agenda, Adeli added.


He said 2 candidates have nominated for the post from Russia and Libya who have been interviewed by the forum’s executive council and are being prepared for interviews with member countries’ ministers.


Asked whether any new members will be added to the body, Mr. Adeli said he had encouraged Peru and Azerbaijan to join the group and also had talks with Angola, Australia, Mozambique, Tanzania and Turkmenistan for joining the group.


The energy ministers of members of the forum who account for 44% of the world's natural gas output, 67% of gas reserves, 64% of gas delivered through pipeline and 66% of LNG trade in the world, will meet in Moscow on October 4 for the 19th time.


GECF is an international governmental organization which provides the framework for exchanging experience and information among Member Countries.

The new secretary general will officially start his work in January 2018.



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