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Rosatom took part in the World Energy Leaders Summit in Mexico

15 сентября 2017 г., 10:15Neftegaz.RU420

The newest World Energy Council’s Patron - Rosatom - participated in one of the major events in the world’s energy sector, The World Energy Leaders Summit (WELS), which took place in Mexico City on September 12-13.


Rosatom, represented by the president of its Latin American regional office Ivan Dybov, has made a valuable contribution to the discussion of the most important topic on the agenda - the reform of the Mexican energy sector.


Ivan Dybov shared Russian experience of reforming the energy sector and how it influenced the nuclear sector development in the country. «By virtue of the reform Rosatom integrated more than 340 enterprises of the civil nuclear sector and combined the country's experience in nuclear science and industry, which by now counts for more than 7 decades. Being a state corporation, Rosatom constantly proves its leadership in the global nuclear sector»


«The company's 10-year portfolio of overseas orders is estimated at $133.4 billion with 8 nuclear power units being under implementation in Russia and 34 units in 12 countries. Rosatom is the world’s only company of a complete nuclear power cycle and stays a major player of the global non-energy nuclear industry», Dybov noted.


The speaker also pointed out that today nuclear energy becomes an important part of the global energy mix as it plays significant role in combating climate change.


«As an example, in Russia nuclear energy now accounts for 18,3% of the energy generation, and brings with it many advantages, for instance, green energy without CO2 emissions and sustainable development of the regions with nuclear presence», stated Dybov.



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