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Lukoil launches main production facilities at Gissar in Uzbekistan

22 августа 2017 г., 16:09Neftegaz.RU816

Lukoil announced on August 22, 2017, that the company has reached a progress milestone at its South-West Gissar project in Uzbekistan as it successfully launched the main production and process facilities there.


These include a gas treatment plant with the annual rated capacity of 4.4 billion cubic meters, a gas pretreatment unit and 4 gas-gathering stations.


As a result, gas production at the Gissar fields cluster reached planned production level of 14 million cubic meters a day, or 5 billion cubic meters per year.

As of today, there are 37 producing wells.


300 kilometers of high-voltage power-transmission lines, 2 power substations and 126 kilometers of roads were constructed.

64 thousand cubic meters of concrete were used at various facilities, approximately 12 thousand tons of steel structures and over 4 thousand tons of equipment were assembled and 286 kilometers of linear pipelines were laid.


Around 3,500 contractor workers and 250 employees of Lukoil's subsidiary, Lukoil Uzbekistan Operating Company, over 350 pieces of special construction equipment were involved in the active phase of the infrastructure development at the Gissar fields cluster.


Lukoil entered the South-West Gissar project in 2008. The license area includes 7 fields.

The Production Sharing Agreement is until 2043. The participants are Uzbekistan and Lukoil (100% share).


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