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Rosneft, Eni and CNPC plan to join Eurasia project

26 мая 2017 г., 16:12Neftegaz.RU411

Oil giants Rosneft, Eni and CNPC are planning to join the Eurasia oil and gas project set to be implemented in Kazakhstan, Kazinform reports on May 26, 2017.


Baltabek Kuandykov, President of the Kazakhstan Society of Petroleum Geologists, revealed that meetings with representatives of Russia's Rosneft, Italy's Eni and China's CNPC had already been held.


«They stated their willingness to participate in the Eurasia project on drilling of a 15-km super-deep well. Needless to say that KazMunayGas will participate in the project as well. The well will be drilled on the territory of Kazakhstan in the Caspian Lowland. The memorandum is being drafted. Azerbaijan's SOCAR is also keen to become a part of this project,» Mr. Kuandykov told Kazinform correspondent.


As a reminder, KazMunayGas Eurasia company was established in order to implement the Eurasia project in Kazakhstan.

Eurasia project involves the exploration of deep laying horizons of the Caspian Basin, both on land and at sea, located on the territory of Kazakhstan and Russia.



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