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Новости // Oil and gas worldwide

The role of innovative technologies in gas production in Turkmenistan grows

11 ноября 2016 г., 12:11Neftegaz.RU1108

Now the State Corporation Turkmengeology continues prospecting works with use of innovative technologies on the huge Galkynysh field, and also on close located perspective sites South Garagum, Gazanly, Dzhurdzhi, East Yoloten and Western Yandakla.


Results of these prospecting works based on innovative technologies give the grounds to assume that these fields and prospective areas form a single zone of oil and gas accumulations.

The foreign companies also carry out a lot of work on a research and production of natural and associated gas with implementation of innovative technologies.


One of such companies is Gaffney Cline & Associates which as a result of the auditor researches based on innovative technologies confirmed huge inventories of natural gas on the Galkyny  field.

In turn, it allowed Turkmenistan to rise in one row with the large energy countries of the world.

Now about 60 gas and gas-condensate fields accustom to our country by means of innovative methods.

To 87 % from the total amount of the gas extracted from these fields falls to the share of the State Concern Turkmengas.


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