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Turkish Stream: Giant project of strategic partnership in energy

The Turkish Stream is a Gazprom-implemented international export gas pipeline project from the Anapa district of the Krasnodar Territory of Russia under the Black Sea to the European part of Turkey.

On the border of Turkey with the neighboring countries of Europe it is planned to build a gas hub through which the gas will be sent to the EU countries, which will independently build the infrastructure for receiving gas on their territory.

The Turkish stream has become a forced, but rather successful alternative to the South Stream, which Gazprom did not manage to realize for political reasons. And although South Stream, it would seem, has already sunk into oblivion, its “legacy” lives on.

This is the second - transit - branch of the Turkish Stream for the countries of southern and southeastern Europe, since two main options were considered - through Bulgaria and Serbia or through Greece and Italy. And despite the fact that the final joint that connects the offshore and offshore sections of the gas pipeline is already welded, Gazprom still holds the route intrigue.