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Halliburton unveils advanced imaging and borehole inclination service

31 July 2017 , 00:04Neftegaz.RU616

Sperry Drilling, a Halliburton business, has announced the release of the Radian Azimuthal Gamma Ray and Inclination Service.

This geosteering solution that provides real-time, high-quality borehole images and continuous inclination measurements.
This information helps operators accurately place the wellbore in the sweet spot for increased production and lower costs per boe in unconventional plays.

The Radian service utilizes 4 highly sensitive gamma-ray detectors arranged evenly around the circumference of the tool to generate real-time azimuthal images, whether rotating or not, for greater reservoir insight.
This provides operators with enhanced data to assist in real-time geosteering decision making for optimal well placement and better reservoir contact, even when drilling with a mud motor.

The optional inclinometer package continuously monitors the orientation of the well and helps minimize wellbore tortuosity.

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