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New innovative container system

An Aberdeen oil services firm is set to revolutionise its industry after designing an innovative container that can automatically alter its dimensions to accommodate its cargo. OEG Offshore, which specialises in the design, build and rental of cabins and cargo-carrying units for the offshore oil and gas market, has developed a new prototype of a DNV 271 container which can house any specialist topside and subsea equipment, regardless of its size.


The innovative design, which a team of engineers have spent five years developing, operates by means of a Fixed Offsite Optical Laser (FOOL) which is deployed through a dedicated satellite that was launched from a platform in the Pacific Ocean early last year. The remote Class 9 laser creates a 3D cloud scan of customers' equipment at any location around the globe and sends the virtual scan measurements using secure GPS technology via one of the control rooms located at OEG's main hub depots. From there, the data is automatically transferred to the containers onsite which instantly reconfigure their dimensions and weight-carrying capacity to accommodate customers' specific loads, taking into consideration other variable parameters such as available cranage capacity, shipping routes and environmental conditions. The technology has undergone and passed rigorous testing and accelerated environmental procedures and has now been approved by major certification institutions worldwide.


Stuart Heggie, Group Operations Director for OEG Offshore Group, said: "This innovative design is a first for the oil and gas industry and we are extremely proud of our achievement. OEG Offshore has developed a worldwide reputation for quality design and excellent customer service and our new product will greatly enhance our services in terms of our ability to deliver any size of container and basket products quickly. "No longer do customers have to worry about having 10 or 20 different sizes of container for equipment movement - this new container can do it all, it's a one size fits all solution."


Customers who purchase the new module will also have the opportunity to watch the process live on the internet via OEG's satellite video streaming observatory or by using the OEG 'FOOL' handheld mobile devices. Stuart added: "Ballast and structural configurations can be altered in the new DNV 271 module for use in subsea installation operations. The unit will also feature a built-in electro-magnetic stabilising system for internal sea-fastening the equipment once loaded into the container, eliminating the risk of transportation damage and preventing the need for expensive securing systems.


"This new product will not only make the process of supplying bespoke containers much simpler, it will also provide huge cost savings for customers in terms of shipping, logistics and downtime critical operations. "Initial interest in the product has been overwhelming - from all areas of the globe - and we are expecting a significant number of orders in the coming months ahead." 

Source : Oilonline