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The characteristic of oil-and-gas potential of Republic Bashkortostan

The characteristic of oil-and-gas potential of Republic Bashkortostan

In Bashkortostan, sovereign republic in structure of the Russian Federation, it is concentrated about 20 % of capacities of the Russian oil refining. Besides in territory of republic there are large petrochemical complexes. Development of hydrocarbonic stocks of Republic Bashkortostan began from 1932. Since here it was open about 250 oil fields and gas, it is extracted from above 1,5 billion tons of oil. The peak of an oil recovery in Republic has fallen to 1967 (47,8 million tons). In 70-80-е years in Bashkortostan extraction was on the average kept at a level 40 million tons. By the end 80 extraction began to be reduced and by 1992 has fallen up to 22,8 million tons of oil. On balance of Republic Bashkortostan as of January, 1, 2002 was 177 deposits, from them 143 oil, 14 gas-and-oil, 7 oil-and-gas and 13 gas. On this moment in structure of initial total resources (ITR) of oil in territory of Bashkortostan.                             

The saved up extraction made 64,9 %, residual taken stocks of oil of industrial categories А+В+С1+С2 — 15,5 %, on the not reconnoitered resources it was necessary 19,6 %, including on perspective resources of category С3 it is necessary 5,1 %, on forecast resources of category D1 — 14,5 %. On tectonic regions ITR of oil are distributed extremely non-uniformly. 77,1 % it is dated for the South-Tatar arch, Birskaya saddle and Upper-Kamskaya hollow. Are least reconnoitered Yuryuzano-Sylvenskaya and Belskaya depressions, Bymsko-Kungurskaya and Salmyshskaya hollows, in territory of last first industrial deposit of oil and gas are open only in 2001. The average degree of exploration initial total resources is equal to oil of Bashkortostan 80,4 %, thus are most reconnoitered oil and gas supply complexes of paleozoic adjournment (low black coal — terrigenic (92,9 %), Devonian terrigenic (84,9 %) and low perm carbon (78,7 %)), least carbon higher devon — lower black coal complex (41,3 %). In developed deposits of Bashkortostan it is concentrated 99,1 % of residual taken stocks of oil of industrial categories (accordingly, in the deposits which have been not involved in development, only 0,9 %). Though the basic share of residual taken stocks of oil (75,6 %) falls to depths less than 2000 m, their structure is characterized by deterioration. Almost half of residual taken stocks fall to deposits with low permeable collectors and high viscous oils, on under-gas deposit and a deposit with the complicated conditions of development (water-oil zones and sites with low power), 30,1 % is dated to carbon to collectors.
The condition of a raw-material base of republic is characterized by significant clarity of initial taken stocks (the degree of their use on developed deposits makes 82,6 %) and a high degree of water supply extracted production. In deposits with water supply more than 50 % are concentrated production of 82,1 % of stocks, and about 40 % of initial taken stocks of oil of Bashkortostan falls to deposits which clarity exceeds 80 %. Thus 44 developed deposits containing 57,8 % of initial taken stocks of oil, are at a stage of reduction of extraction, 30 more deposits (18,0 % of initial taken stocks) are at a finishing stage of development. The stocks of developed deposits not involved in development (returnable objects and the separate not equipped sites) make only 1% of initial taken stocks. Nevertheless, security of extraction by stocks on republic makes 25,9 multiple and at reduction of initial taken stocks tends to increase that is caused by decrease (reduction) of rates of selection and the increasing involving in development of stocks of the lowered quality. Preliminary appreciated stocks of oil of category С2 make only 1,8 % from initial total resources oil of republic and also mainly (on 96,9 %) concern to developed deposits: basically it is not developed peripheral parts and water-oil zones of maintained deposits (42,1 %) and returnable objects (50,4 %), and only 3,1 % falls to the deposits involved in development. In the tectonic attitude (relation) stocks of oil of category С2 are concentrated on the Bashkir arch (34 %) and in the western part of the South-Tatar arch (30 %), carbonatic — terrigenic complex of average carbon (28 %), devonian terrigenic (23,4 %) and lower black coal terrigenic 18,8 %) prevail in stratigrafic plan.

Reserve of maintenance of extraction the nearest years are involving a part not-drilling under technological circuits of stocks of category С1 where the limited extraction from prospecting and outstripping operational chinks, secondary methods of oil-return is ade, input in development of the intermediate low-power layers, preliminary appreciated stocks of category С2. In structure of initial total resources of free gas (including gas of gas caps) the saved up extraction makes 5,9 %, the current stocks of category А+В+С1 — 17,6 %, stocks of category С2 — 4,9 %. The not reconnoitered resources of free gas make 71,6 %, including categories С3 — 2,9 %, categories D1 — 68,7 %. A degree of exploration of initial total resources of gas — 28,4 %.