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AI-98 51.83


Diesel 46.16



Wax inhibitor

"Parcorin-1" is intended for simultaneous prevention from wax deposition and growth of sulphate reducing bacteria as well as for corrosion inhibitor in the sistem of oil extraction and transporation. By its protective action from wax depositions in oils "Parcorin-1" keeps pace with the world analogs Dorigflow U-3421, Korexit-8861, Nalko-D-4590 and others as well as effects significantly on decrease of paraffinaceous oils viscosity by a factor of 2-2,5. "Parcorin-1" improves rheological characteristics of oils, relaxation ability and it possesses oil displacing effect. "Parcorin-1" peculiarity is its high bactericide action and formation of stable adsorption protective layer on the surface of steel. Congelation point, not higher than minus 80C, inhibiting ability against wax deposition 98%. "Parcorin-1" is used in the sistem of oil extraction in oil wells of oil fields characterized by high content of paraffins.

Source : Mamedaliyev Institute of Petrochemical Processes of Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences