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The acoustic research method with the usage of plezoelectric transformer and tensiometric pressure unit. This complex allows to measure and calculate the following oil characteristics: - dynamical level position - dynamical level outline pressure - inlet pump pressure - inlet pump temperature - gas expense at pump inlet pressure in oil well - oil well efficiency The starting data for calculations are: the measured value of dynamic level position, outlet pressure, the oil well parametres of the given oil-extracting region. The oil well entry is achieved by means of digital keyboard. The measured and calculated information is displayed on digital indicator and on the small printer. The results are stored in on-line storage with off-line powersupply for further transfer of this information to personal computer. Main characteristics: Dynamic oil level measuring range 0.01?3 km Outline pressure measuring range 0-6.375 MPa (behind the tube) Software compatible to IBM PC XT/AT Small printer of matrix type Power- supply source 14V +/- 10% Power 25W 24 hours time regime of the work (interval from prevention inspection) Construction is protected from external mechanical and climate influence. Size 376*340*105 mm Weight 7 kg

Source : ARGON