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Echolot 2M

This complex is universal and its capacity can be enlarged to the one of the modern industrial computer with multichanneled analogue-digital input/output. Due to its software the complex can work in industrial environment. This diagnostic complex allows to carry out preventive inspection and industrial equipment control. It is possible to control various types of production equipment digital and analogue controllers available in the complex. The controllers are operated by application programs created in DOS 5.0 and higher environments at IBM PC compatible computers. Complex is easy in work and assembling. Its modules are assembled into complete construction by means of screw-driver. The construction provides total compatibility of brand name and homemade modules. The complex operation is easy and it's not necessary to achieve technical service in field conditions. This complex is effective when one needs to get oil well status information. Technical data Processor 18088 On-line storage 1 MB Flash 256 KB Static storage 128 KB Power 7 W Size 300*170*100 mm Weight 4 kg Operation conditions Temperature range -25?+85C Power-supply source 12 B - 10% Autonomous work 4 hours Dynamic oil level measuring range 0.01?3 km Dynamic pressure measuring 0?6.375 Mpa Construction is protected from external mechanical influence Working characteristics Keyboard 16 keys Display 2 lines with 20 symbols each The results are delivered on printer Connection to personal computer

Source : ARGON