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Transocean deploys hybrid energy storage on floating rig

Offshore drilling contractor Transocean has deployed what is says is the world’s 1st hybrid energy storage system aboard a floating drilling unit. The system is now operational on the Transocean Spitsbergen rig, engaged in drilling operations at the Snorre field in Norway.

Transocean deploys hybrid energy storage on floating rig

Transocean said that its patented hybrid power technology, developed in partnership with Aspin Kemp and Associates, reduces fuel consumption and increases a dynamically positioned rig’s station-keeping reliability by capturing energy generated during normal rig operations that would otherwise be wasted, and storing it in batteries.

This energy is then used to power the rig’s thrusters. This important operational and safety enhancement targets a 14% reduction in fuel use during normal operations, leading to a significant reduction in NOx and CO2 emissions, according to the rig owner.

Transocean’s investment is funded in part through fuel saving incentives in its contract with Equinor and by the Norwegian NOx Fund.

“This 1st of its kind hybrid power upgrade will further enhance the reliability of our operations, while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption, operating costs and our environmental footprint,” said Jeremy Thigpen, CEO.

“We are pleased and proud to work alongside Equinor to jointly identify and implement more efficient and sustainable technology to deliver high-value wells to the industry.”

It is worth reminding that Siemens last December said it would supply a battery-based energy storage solution to the West Mira semi-submersible and turn it into “the world’s first hybrid offshore drilling rig.”

Siemens said BlueVault, the company’s advanced lithium-ion battery-based solution, would be installed on Northern Drilling’s West Mira offshore drilling rig set to operate in the Nova Field, approximately 120 km northwest of Bergen in the North Sea.