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Method of oil pool reserves determination

SUBSTANCE: method includes hydrodynamic research in three wells on pool of strip-like structure under conditions excluding well reciprocal influence. Proper duration of hydrodynamic research ensures obtaining on pressure recovery curve of two reflected pressure signals from near and distant pool boundaries. Obtained on pressure recovery curve are three asymptomic sections. Angle coefficients of inclination of three sections are determined and their correspondence to ratio of 1:2:3 is checked. Using the results of processing of hydrodynamic research data of each well, small and large radii of circumferences round wells proportional to distance from wells to near and distant pool boundaries are determined. Combinations from small and/or large radius of circumference round wells are composed. Determined for composed combinations are pressure conductivity factors and distances to near and distant boundaries of strip-like pool, and possible positions of pool boundaries. Selected from possible positions is sought position of pool boundaries. Orientation of pool boundaries on terrain and width of pool are determined. Oil reserves are determined by volume of pool, reservoir properties and properties of formation fluid. EFFECT: determination of strip-like pool width and orientation on terrain with minimum number of wells and volume of hydrodynamic research. 4 dwg Tabakov V.P., Zajtsev S.I., Fursov A.Ja., Blinov A.E., Nikitin V.I., Kovalev Ju.A. Patent number: 2166086