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TechnipFMC selects RTI’S connectivity technology for semi-autonomous underwater ROVs

TechnipFMC is leveraging RTI's technology to build next-generation remote robotics controls.

Real-Time Innovations (RTI), the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity company, announced that the Schilling Robotics business unit of TechnipFMC, a global leader in Oil & Gas projects, technologies, systems and services, has selected RTI Connext DDS as the connectivity framework for its underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

TechnipFMC is leveraging RTI's technology to build next-generation remote robotics controls, an integration that is enabling faster and more secure connectivity within TechnipFMC's underwater ROVs. These systems are used by service companies that support some of the biggest names in Oil & Gas.

TechnipFMC's ROVs are used in complex subsea and offshore projects. These systems can operate at depths of 3,000 m or more below sea-level, and are deployed to assist with servicing subsea infrastructure, managing assets and performing crucial maintenance and construction tasks at the seafloor.

Due to the complexity and agility needed to work offshore and with remote underwater robots, these projects require highly skilled and trained operators. Operators trained for these specific tasks can be in short supply, so customers look to automated technical solutions to help bridge this labor gap.

Historically, this type of equipment has been teleoperated, but with TechnipFMC's integration of Connext DDS, a revolution in underwater, real-time robotic controls is underway, promoting a shift from manual to automated functions. These technological advances are promoting autonomy within the Oil & Gas market and helping boost efficiency, lower costs and accelerate schedules for enterprises within the industry.

«When you are operating on critical infrastructure that is thousands of meters below the ocean's surface, performance and reliability are crucial because the smallest mistake could lead to a multi-billion-dollar disaster,» said Bijou Abraham, chief software engineer at TechnipFMC.

«To address the critical nature of this application, our customers rely on our technology to monitor and prevent these types of disasters, and we rely on RTI to support us with the real-time connectivity required. We are confident that as we continue to develop our technology and expand our offerings, RTI Connext DDS will remain a solution that we can trust.»

Source : Neftegaz.RU