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Automated system of early diagnostics of pipeline small leakage.

On the agreement with "Main Oil Pipelines of Central Siberia" an automated system of early diagnostics of small leakage from the oil pipeline "Alexandrovskoye-Anzhero-Sudzensk" has been worked out. Its main functions: - Reliable determination of the beginning of leakage, the norm of leakage being 0.2%; - Determination of the probable place of leakage; - Determination of the probable size of leakage. The basis of the system is formed by: - full hydrodynamic model of the oil pipeline "Alexandrovskoye-Anzhero-Sudzensk"; - statistic system of discovering small leakage from oil pipeline; - the system of identification of the pipeline mathematical model and solving reverse problems. Functioning of the system after coming into exploitation stipulates: - the work of the programming complex on a highly productive personal computer in the real time mode; - automated input of the basic current parameters of the pipeline on the programming complex inquiry via analoguous-digital transformation of measuring appliances reading. - Current resetting of the system of the changing of exploitation factors, such as hydravlic resistance of linear parts of oil pipeline, etc. The starting information for the system are: - the reading of the flowmeter at the entry and exit of the pipeline; - the readings of the pressure pickup at the ends of linear sections; - the readings of flowmeters at the additional oil entry stations; At present the system setting up is being carried out to the real oil transporting via the pipeline "Alexandrovskoye-Anzhero-Sudzensk" , the system is being prepared for bringing into industrial test exploitation.

Source : Institute of Oil Chemistry