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Accident rate on objects chemical, petrochemical and a oilrefining industry of the Russian Federation

In 2001 on objects chemical, petrochemical and a oil-refining industry in the Russian Federation has taken place 17 failures (against 26 in 2000). The general decrease of a level of a fatal industrial traumatism has made 36 % (16 cases against 25 in 2000); the level of an industrial traumatism has remained without change and 48 person has made.
Principal causes of failures in 2001 were:
- infringements of the regulated order of start-up of the equipment — 4 failures (23,5 %);
- a unsatisfactory condition of the equipment — 10 failures (58,8 %);
- infringements of requirements of the organization and realization of dangerous works of-3 failures (17,7 %).
On objects of main pipeline transport in 2001 has taken place 52 failures, the economic damage from which has made 181,823 million roubles. In comparison with 2000 the number of failures has increased on 4 (8,3 %). Examples of large failures see in the Appendix 1. In 2001 there were 3 failures accompanying with a fatal traumatism, from them — 2 group cases.
In 2001 on objects of main pipeline transport has taken place 8 cases of a fatal traumatism at construction, repair and operation of main pipelines. Principal causes of breakdown susceptibility on objects of main pipeline transport are: a spoilage of civil and erection works (18 failures), stress — corrosion destruction of metal of an energized pipe (18 failures) and externally mechanical influence (15 failures). Principal causes of a traumatism including fatal, rough infringement of norms of safety and rules of work were.