USD 64.0144


EUR 70.9023


BRENT 59.26


AI-92 42.27


AI-95 46.03


AI-98 51.83


Diesel 46.16



Statistics of Russian Oil Industry

Oil industry involves oil preparation, oil mining, transportation, refining and includes 10 large vertically-integrated companies, that extract 87.7% of oil, and 113 small companies with output volume of 9.2%. More than 3% of oil output is carried out by OAO Gazprom. Oil companies have 28 oil-refining plants with total capacity of 269 mil tons kept busy by 59% (1999), there are 6 plants that produce lubricating materials and two plants that process shale. Main transportation of oil and petroleum products is carried out by AK Transneft and AK Transnefteproduct. Main pipe-lines of Transneft deliver 99.3% of oil mined in Russia. Their length is 48.5 thousand kilometers and they ensure transcontinental flows of oil. Oil resources account for 31% of primary energy resources produced in Russia, 22% - of those consumed by Russian economy and more than 50% of those exported. This industry occupies a considerable place in the world economy. Russian explored oil reserves make more than 12% of world reserves. The corresponding output figure is 8.6%.