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Analysis: Germany and Turkey lead 2017 Russian gas imports

Russian gas purchases by Germany and Turkey led a surge in Gazprom's gas sales in 2017.


Rosneft сould be the key to Iraq-Kurdistan oil deal

Rosneft could be the key in the talks between Iraq and Kurdistan for the full resumption of oil exports from the semi-autonomous region.


Russia and the World Trade Organization: a complex relationship

After the collapse of the USSR in 1991, the Russian Federation adopted, through what it was called the “shock therapy”, the market economy and the capitalism system. 4 years later, as a consequence of an always more globalized economy, the former trade agreement called GATT (general agreement on tariffs and trade) was replaced by a new entity: the world trade organization (WTO).


Russia-USA: a question of people's perspective

Many Russians, including those within the political establishment, are fairly convinced that Russia and the US are very much alike and, in fact, are two sides of the same coin.


The bold and the richest...

The richest oil tycoons of 2001 according to Forbes. Eight Russian magnates are listed, three of them appeared to be richer then Rockerfeller.


Venezuela oil production falls to 40 year lows as OPEC admits to lower-than-predicted global demand

Even though analysts characterize the current oil market as overbearish, contained in the August OPEC Report is the troubling disclosure that its Reference Basket fell nearly 7% in July «amid lower-than-predicted demand, high refined product stocks during the peak summer driving season and rising crude supply.»


The geopolitics of Poland’s «3 Seas Initiative»

Poland's initiative to date is a thinly-disguised geopolitical attempt to create a counter to the influence of both Russia to the east and of Germany to her west.


Oil and gas El Dorado: Amazonia

The power system of South America has been recently being in the limelight. The events of the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008 indicate that Brazil can join the global biggest oil exporters in the near future. Brazil can become the oil supplier for the USA, reducing the dependence of the latter from Venezuela, the experts say.


Romania poised to ramp up gas output

Romania is poised to step up the game and ramp up its gas output as soon as possible.


Russia’s comeback in the LNG race

In a little more than a month's time, Russia will formalize its claim for a bigger role in the ever-expanding global LNG market.


Ukraine looks to boost domestic nuclear capacity

Westinghouse will extend nuclear fuel deliveries to 7 of Ukraine's 15 nuclear power units to 2021-2025.


How the Kremlin will resolve Russian economic structural problems

Russia in 2010, after having to deal these last two years with a dramatic decline of its economy, can see the future with more optimism.


Low oil prices won’t deter Russia from Arctic drilling

In the wake of the Arctic Summit in Arkhangelsk and Rosneft getting drilling activities underway in the Laptev Sea, one cannot help but think that Russia is carrying out a comeback to the offshore Arctic region.


Perspective for Turkish Stream project: possible scenarios and challenges

Following the cancellation of South Stream, Russia announced its plans to reroute the pipeline to Turkey, instead of Bulgaria. The new pipeline was dubbed Turkish Stream, with same capacity of South Stream, but less vulnerable to EU competition law.


The future of Yamal LNG in the Asia-Pacific market

Despite difficult permafrost conditions and financial limitations imposed by US sanctions, Yamal LNG was finished on time and on budget.


Russia eyes rapid Middle East energy expansion

Iran, Iraq and possibly even Syria will become the new hub of Russian oil-related investments.


Georgia to purchase natural gas only from Azerbaijan

Georgian annual energy assessment shows that Georgia will not purchase any natural gas from Russia this year.


Russia and China grow closer as the new Silk Road unfolds

China's Belt and Road Initiative heralds a new era with mega infrastructure projects dotting the landscape.


Mega Gas Projects to Boost Indonesia E&P on Regulatory Overhaul

With at least two mega gas or liquefied natural gas projects on the horizon, Indonesia could well buck the trend of reduced oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) in Southeast Asia if the country's regulations were revised in support its upstream sector.


IEA and Emerging Countries to Collaborate More Closely

The International Energy Agency and six emerging economies including China and India agreed to pursue stronger cooperation, the IEA said on Wednesday in a bid to strengthen ties with non-members whose share in global oil demand has grown rapidly.


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