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March, Saturday


Russian press

A strategic call

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be in Moscow from March 18 to19. Despite the fact that her visit had long ago been scheduled to take place, it will be occurring after an important telephone conversation between presidents Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama.

15 March 2010 , 11:16Andrey TerekhovNezavisimaia0

CIA Admits Cold War Salvage of Soviet Nuclear Sub

In 1974, far out in the Pacific, a U.S. ship pretending to be a deep-sea mining vessel fished a sunken Soviet nuclear-armed submarine out of the ocean depths, took what it could of the wreck and made off to Hawaii with its purloined prize. Now, Washington is owning up to Project Azorian, a brazen mission from the days of high-stakes — and high-seas — Cold War rivalry.

15 February 2010 , 14:28The Moscow Times0

Journey Through Paperwork Greets Russians Hoping for a European Getaway

The winter holidays have only just ended here, but many Russians are already planning their next European getaway, buying plane tickets and reserving hotels. They are also compiling bank statements, gathering insurance forms, paying fees, taking photographs, making photocopies, waiting in long lines and being interrogated by embassy officials — all to receive a European visa, a kind of permission slip to enter the rest of the Continent that like little else underscores the walls still dividing Russia from the West.

11 February 2010 , 12:27Michael SchwirtzMoscow Journal0

International press

Republicans accuse White House of Solyndra stonewall

House Republicans accused the White House on Thursday of stonewalling a congressional probe into the failed $535 million loan guarantee to bankrupt solar panel maker Solyndra LLC and threatened to issue subpoenas later this month to secure interviews with “key administration staff.”

09 February 2012 , 14:35Jim McElhattonThe Washington Times0

Energy plan must be about more than pipelines

As engy ministers from around the country gather in Kananaskis this week, it’s starting to look like the Alberta government is engaging in an old-fashioned game of bait and switch.

20 July 2011 , 23:55Gil McGowanthe Calgary Herald0

Lawmakers sue to end U.S. role in Libya

A bipartisan group of House lawmakers went to court Wednesday to try to stop President Obama’s troop deployment to Libya, saying it violates the law, but the White House submitted a report to Congress arguing that it is adhering to the War Powers Resolution because it is not actually engaged in “hostilities.”

15 June 2011 , 15:09Stephen DinanThe Washington Times0

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