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Craighead Martin

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Education: College: Penn State University BS, Graduate School: Vanderbilt University MBA


Craighead holds the International Executive Master of Business Administration degree from Vanderbilt University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in petroleum and natural gas engineering from the Pennsylvania State University.

He is the recipient of the 2015 Alumni Fellow Award at Penn State and the 2010 C.


Martin Craighead has held a broad range of roles - from technical to operational to executive - before being named chairman and CEO in 2012.

Craighead began in the oil industry as a research engineer, then joined Baker Hughes’ predecessor Dresser Atlas in technical sales.

He served in a variety of operational and leadership roles in North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific.


Prior to his current role, he was president and chief operating officer of the $22 billion global organization, which has 59,000 employees working in more than 80 countries.


Married, 2 children.