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Miller Alexey Borisovich

Miller Alexey Borisovich

CEO Gazprom

7 place


Transit risks always exist. Especially in a situation where Russian gas is supplied through the territory of a NATO member state

If we talk about renewable sources, then it should be noted that so far 40% of the world's population is cooking on wood

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Alexey Miller was born on January 31, 1962 in Leningrad.


He graduated from Voznesensky Leningrad Finance and Economics Institute and holds a PhD in Economics.

Professional experience

Upon graduation, Alexey Miller was engineer-economist at the General planning division of Leningrad Civil Construction Research and Design Institute (LenNIIproekt under the Executive Committee of the Leningrad City Council).


Junior researcher, Leningrad Finance and Economics Institute; Section Head, Economic Reform Committee, Executive Committee of the Leningrad City Council.


Head of the Markets Monitoring Division, Foreign Economic Relations Directorate, External Relations Committee of St. Petersburg Mayor’s Office; Head of the Foreign Economic Relations Directorate; Deputy Chairman of the External Relations Committee.


Director for Development and Investments, Sea Port of St. Petersburg.


Director General of Baltiyskaya Truboprovodnaya Sistema (Baltic Pipeline System).


Deputy Energy Minister of the Russian Federation.

Since 2001

Chairman of the Management Committee, Gazprom.

Since 2002 – Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Board of Directors.