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EUR 73.2227


BRENT 58.69


AI-92 42.2


AI-95 45.97


AI-98 51.73


Diesel 45.81



Nikishin Vladimir Anatolievich

308 место
He was born in 1953 in Samara region. Upon graduation from Kuibyshev Polytechnical Institute (profession v "Technology and complex mechanization of oil&gas deposits surveys") he occupied engineer-technical and leading positions at the oil&gas output department of "Nizhnevartovskneft". In 1984-1987 he was the chief engineer of this department.
In 1987-1989 he was the chief engineer, deputy general director of the production association of Uraineftegaz.
In 1989-1992 he was chief engineer, first deputy general director of the production association Nizhnevartovskneftegaz.
After two years of study in the USA at the Massachusetts University (Boston) and a probation period at the company Wheatherford International Inc. He was appointed vice-president of the company Rosneft.