USD 65.9961


EUR 73.2227


BRENT 58.69


AI-92 42.2


AI-95 45.97


AI-98 51.73


Diesel 45.81



Nevzlin Leonid

284 место

He was born in 1959.
In 1981 - graduated from the Gubkin Moscow institute of petrochemical and gas industry. Upon graduation from the institute worked in the system of USSR geology Ministry at the departments responsible for informational provision of the industry (collection, storing, processing of information).
Later Leonid Nevzlin graduated from the Plekhanov Russian Economy Academy, profession- management and marketing.
In 1989 he became one of the organizers and leaders of the Center of scientific and technical programs that afterwards developed into MENATEP association.
In 1990 he became president of the commercial bank of scientific and technical progress.
In 1993 he was appointed first deputy chairman of the board of MENATEP Bank.
In September, 1995 v first deputy chairman of the board of the production company POSPROM.
Since May, 1997 he has been occupying the position of the First deputy Chairman of the united board of the Group YUKOS-ROSPROM.