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Novikov Sergey Gennadievich

186 место
He was born in 1962 in Kinemsha City, Ivanovo region.
In 1985 v graduated from Moscow Technical Institute, profession v automatics and electronics.
Master of technical sciences.
In 1988-1993 v worked as an engineer, chief engineer of the Research institute "Polus".
In 1994-1995 v as an economist, leading economist at "Promradtechbank", an accountant center of oil company YUKOS, then v as a head of financial department of oil company YUKOS.
In 1996-1997 v vice-president on finances and economy of "The Eastern-Siberian oil&gas company", then he worked as an adviser of Minister of fuel and power at the Ministry of Fuel Resources.
In October, 1997 v he was appointed deputy minister of fuel and power on credit-financial issues.