USD 66.6082


EUR 73.9484


BRENT 59.62


AI-92 42.23


AI-95 45.97


AI-98 51.74


Diesel 45.89



Fomin Anatoli Vassilievich

208 место
Born in 1950.

In 1972 graduated from the Kazan University. Began his working activity as a geologist of the trust Tatneftegazrazvedka (Tatneft). Worked here for several years occupying different posts. In1978 being the chief geologist and at the same time head deputy of Bugulminsk drilling administration, took part in the Nizhnevartovsk development.

Since1983 - worked in the system of Glavtumenneftegaz. Finished the Siberian stage on the post of Megionneftegaz general director.

In 1993 appointed RF Fuel and Energetics Minister first deputy. Was one of the authors of the program of the branch restructurization stipulating creation of 13 vertically intergrated holding companies.

Since 1995 - Chairman of Slavneft board of directors, and President of the company.

At the second half of 1998 - left the company.