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Filippov Dmitri Nikolaevich

171 место


Born on August, 1, 1944 in the Kemerovo region.

In 1967 graduated from Leningrad electro-technical Institute. Worked as a master, technologist in Positron Co.

In 1974 Dmitri Filippov was elected Secretary of the Komsomol Union and established head of the Baikal-Amur Mainroad construction, then head of the department of West-Siberian OGC development.

In 1983 became first Secretary of Smolnin CPSU district committee.

In 1986 - Secretary of Leningrad CPSU district committee on industry.

In 1988 - graduated from CPSU Academy of public sciences (department of economy and production organization)

In 1990 appointed head of Leningrad State Tax Inspection. In October, 1993 - removed from the post.

In 1990-1993 - elected Deputy of the City Soviet. In 1994-1996 - Chairman of Petersburg Fuel Company board of directors. Then - Chairman of the public Soviet of bankers and industry men, Chairman of Menatep-St-Petersburg bank management, head of JSC Financial Group - RossCo, JSC Tobolsk Oil-chemical Plant, member of JSC Kirov Plant board.

On October, 10, 1998 - was blown up on the porch of his house.

On October, 13 - died in the hospital.