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Chubais Anatoli Borissovich

297 место
Born in 1955 in Borissov, Belorussian SSR. In 1977 graduated from Leningrad Engineering-Economy Institute where he worked as an engineer, then assistant. In 1982-1990 - assistant professor in the same institute.
In 1990 - Chairman deputy of Leningrad Town Soviet. In 1991 - chief economic adviser of St.Petersburg mayor.
Since November, 15, 1991 - Chairman of RF State Committee on State property administration, Minister of Russian Federation.
On December, 23, 1992 - appointed vice-premier into the government headed by Victor Chernomyrdin.
In July, 1992 Chubais was appointed to the post of Chairman of Governmental Committee on economic reforms program development.
In July, 1993 - joined the committee of RF Government on operation questions.
Since October, 1993 - was candidate into RF Federal Assembly. Was elected vice-president of the committee Great Europe whose president is Jaque Chirac. Was a member of governmental committee supporting privatization and structural changes in Russia.
On December, 12, 1993 - was elected Deputy into the State Duma. In January, 1994 - appointed vice-premier into RF Government. Here he continued working on the privatization program and antimonopol policy questions.
On November, 6, 1994 - appointed RF Government Chairman first deputy.
In January, 1996 President of Russia Boris Yeltsin removed Anatoli Chubais from performing the duties of first vice-president of the Government.
From February to July, 1996 - Chubais was head of the analytical group of RF President elections.
On July, 15, 1996 - appointed head of RF President Administration.
On March, 7, 1997 - appointed RF Government Chairman first deputy.
On March, 17, 1997 - appointed RF Minister of Finances.
On November, 20, 1997 - removed from the post of Minister.
In March, 1998 - removed from the post of RF Government Chairman first deputy. During March-April, 1998 - removed from all the posts in all State committees and in foreign committees and organizations where he had represented RF.
On April, 30, 1998 - appointed to the post of RAO EES Russia administration chairman.
In June, 1998 - appointed to the post of special representative of the President on connections with international financial organizations.
On August, 28, 1998 - removed from this post. On November, 17, 1998 - appointed member of Collegium of RF Power and Energy Ministry.