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EUR 70.9023


BRENT 59.62


AI-92 42.27


AI-95 46.03


AI-98 51.83


Diesel 46.16



Sulakshin Stepan Stepanovich

325 место
Born in 1954 in Tomsk. There graduated from the State University.
Worked at the Tomsk institute of nuclear physics. Doctor of physical-mathematical sciences.
Began his political activity in 1989 after his election USSR People`s deputy.
In 1991-93 - representative of RF President on Tomsk region, deputy of the region Soviet of State deputies.
Since 1993 - deputy of RF State Duma, since 1995 - deputy Chairman of the committee on industry, transport and power engineering.
Now is chairman of the Observation Soviet of oil and gas equipment producers.
Married, has three children.