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Khan German Borissovich

170 место

Born in 1961 in Kiev.

In 1982 - finished Kiev industrial-pedagogical technical school.
In 1982-88 - studied at Moscow Institute of steel and alloys.

In 1989 - deputy Chairman of the co-operative society "Alexandrina".
From 1990 to 1992 - head of the wholesale trade, then head of the export department of "Alpha-Eco" Co.
Since 1996 - president of "Alpha-Eco".
Since the beginning of 1998 - deputy chairman of the board, first vice-president of the "Tumen Oil Company".

Khan worked as executive director of TNK-BP, the group's oil business, a joint venture with ВР, since it was founded in 2003.
He joined Mikhail Fridman in establishing LetterOne Group, based in Luxembourg, for the purpose of investing the proceeds from the sale of TNK-BP in international projects.

German Khan's Alfa Group, which he shares with fellow billionaires and college buddies Mikhail Fridman and Alexei Kuzmichev, is the biggest financial and industrial investment group in Russia.

German Khan  is a member of the Supervisory Board of DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG, Hamburg, bought by L1 Energy in 2015.

Khan enjoys hunting and has a large collection of sporting guns and rifles.
He has 4 children. Khan divides his time between London and Moscow.