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Global Energy Forum Likely To Be Created in Russia

24 February 2009 , 07:00Ksenia Kochneva1648
The news was anniunced by a member of the Russian Gas Society's (RGS) supervisory board Alexander Berezikov during the board's meeting in the Russian State Duma.

He noted that the RGS, as the initiator of the forum's establishment, planned to hold talks with potential participants from March to May, while a foundation meeting to set up the organization had been scheduled for June 2009.

Berezikov explained that the forum was expected to unite global energy producers, transit companies, and consumers, including representatives from the oil and gas sector, the coal and power industries, and non-commercial organizations regulating these sectors.

The RGS hopes that Russia will host the Eurasian energy forum, with either the government or Gazprom acting as its moderator.

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