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Ashgabat and Baku will expand a cooperation in an energy power – the Turkmen gas prepares for sending to Europe?

11 August 2017 , 14:13Neftegaz.RU475

In the joint statement with the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, the leader of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, who is in the official visit to Baku, declared plans for cooperation increase of 2 countries in the sphere of power, the head of Russian News Service of Trend Elmira Tariverdieva on pages of the edition notes on August 10, 2017.


Tariverdieva quotes the words of the Turkmen leader that 2 countries use all opportunities for implementation of joint new projects for the purpose of diversification of energy and traffic flows and sustainable development of the potential.

One of important projects which would allow to diversify energy flows from Turkmenistan can become the Transcaspian pipeline on which the Turkmen gas will go to Europe through the territory of Azerbaijan and Turkey.


The author notes that the construction of Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline on which the Turkmen gas will begin the way to Europe there was always a lot of speculation, especially after prospects of its construction purchased real outlines.

According to Tariverdieva, today's geopolitical situation which developed in the region makes diversification of supply of the Turkmen gas  necessary of the economic safety of the country.


Trans-Caspian gas pipeline, as the author considers, it is the project equally profitable to both Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan, despite a set of speculation in the press on the mythical competition of 2 countries in the gas market.

In practice there is no competition.


In the publication it is reported that gas which will go along The Southern gas corridor from the Azerbaijani field Shah Deniz already has the specific buyers and by it contracts for many years forward have been signed.

The Turkmen gas can help The Southern gas corridor to become more large-scale and more profitable project which is essential for energy security of Europe.


As for questions of the status of the Caspian Sea, the author writes, just concerning a construction of gas infrastructure Ashgabat and Baku stand on the one line item - laying of a pipe between 2 countries and in their territorial waters concerns only these 2 states, and the construction will not affect other Caspian states in any way.


Concerning the 3rd participant of this format – Turkey, on belief of the author, for Ankara as well as for Baku, as for transitor passing huge amounts of gas by the TANAP pipeline, which is under construction, is profitable that, certainly, will raise income both Azerbaijan, and Turkey for transit of hydrocarbons across their territory.


Besides, project implementation of the Trans-Caspian gas pipeline automatically will turn Turkey into the largest European energy hub that is important for Ankara from the geopolitical and image points of view.



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