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Eesti Energia to begin selling electricity, natural gas in Poland

22 June 2017 , 10:13Neftegaz.RU509


A permit on June 21, 2017, has been issued by the Polish Energy Regulatory office to Enefit, a subsidiary of Estonian-state owned energy company Eesti Energia, to trade with electricity and natural gas.


Launching business activity in Poland is part of Eesti Energia's strategic objective to grow from solely selling electricity in the Baltics to selling energy and providing energy services throughout the entire Baltic Sea region, according to Karla Agan, head of energy sales at Eesti Energia.


«We have been successfully operating in Latvia and Lithuania for more than 10 years and secured a leading position in the Baltic energy market,» he highlighted. «On the basis of this experience, we believe that we will succeed in Poland as well.»


In Poland, Enefit will sell electricity and natural gas that has been purchased from the energy exchange.

According to Eesti Energia, the annual volume of the Polish power market is more than 161 terawatt-hours, which is more than 6 times greater than last year's total Baltic market of 25 terawatt-hours.


The annual volume of the Polish gas market is more than 166 terawatt-hours, which is quadruple the size of last year's total Baltic market of 41 terawatt-hours.


Eesti Energia is a state-owned energy group comprising 23 companies and over 5,800 employees as of the 1st quarter of 2017.

The group operates in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Jordan and the U.S.


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