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Philippines business group wants oil and mining partnership with Russia

23 May 2017 , 16:13Neftegaz.RU1178

The MVP group of companies represented by Michael Toledo, a part of the Philippines delegation to Russia, is exploring the possibility of forging a partnership with Russian companies involved in oil, gas, mining and infrastructure, the company reported on May 23, 2017.


The MVP group of companies was among the Philippine-based companies who supported the Duterte administration in building diplomatic and trade ties with Russia.


MVP Group spokesperson Michael Toledo said the group is open to exploring partnerships with Russian companies, especially those in oil and gas, mining and infrastructure.

While there are no specific Russian companies in mind, Toledo said the MVP Group is always on the lookout for business opportunities and possible partners.


The group of business tycoon Manuel V. Pangilinan said the Philippines could have a 4rth engine, which is gas from South China Sea.

«It is imperative we start looking for sources of alternative gas now. We simply cannot leave with the 3 plants we have. We don’t know if there are resources in South China Sea and if we can enter,» Pangilinan said.


The Philippines delegation led by Duterte is on a 4-day visit to Russia to discuss deals on security, military cooperation, trade and technology.

Around 200 Philippines businessmen were also part of his delegation.



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