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SIBUR to set up an R&D centre in Skolkovo

25 April 2017 , 18:00Neftegaz.RU619

SIBUR and the Skolkovo Foundation have signed on April 25, 2017, an agreement to create an R&D centre for the development and application of polyolefins at the Skolkovo Innovation Centre.


At the future R&D site, SIBUR is planning to develop and test new materials and new product solutions, to make samples of products for subsequent testing, analysing and refining their properties, and to explore opportunities of boosting the efficiency of polyolefin processing technology.


SIBUR is the leader in the Russian polyolefin market by polypropylene and polyethylene volumes.

The company's customers, namely polymer processors in Russia and more than 50 countries, use solutions based on these materials to make a range of products: piping systems for utility companies, energy-efficient construction materials, road construction components, packaging, medical devices and consumables, consumer goods and other products.


The mission of the R&D Centre will be to expand the range of applications for these materials both in the production of existing range, and in the creation of new product solutions for a broad range of industries and end users.

To this end, samples of developed polypropylene and polyethylene grades will be processed into new final products by the Centre's pilot manufacturing lines.


The R&D Centre will provide SIBUR’s customers with an opportunity to explore advantages of the Company's polymer materials and unique properties of the final products.

Construction is to be completed in 2018, and the facility’s area will total 5,350 sq m.


Sergey Komyshan, SIBUR’s Executive Director: «The project is unique as the Company will be creating polymer grades with new or improved properties and immediately test them, identifying precise processing parameters, added value of each production process and properties of the final product. This will not only help us meet the current needs of our customers, but also offer services for the development of new types of final products based on SIBUR’s polymer solutions to the market.»


Oleg Dubnov, Vice President, head of Skolkovo’s Energy Cluster: «New high-tech products belong to the priorities of the Skolkovo Foundation. The agreement on establishing the R&D Centere in Skolkovo is a milestone in the development of our ecosystem. The cluster already unites over 110 oil and gas start-ups, including about 25 in petrochemical processing.»


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