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News // Transportation and storage

Turkmen petroleum products will be transported via Georgia

17 January 2017 , 12:09Neftegaz.RU696

After 7 years of suspension Turkmenistan’s oil products are returning to Georgia’s transit corridor thanks to a new 3-year deal signed between the two countries.


Under an agreement, signed between Georgian and Turkmenistan, the annual transportation of 1.5 million tons of Turkmen oil will be carried out via the Georgian railway corridor, the georgian media reported.

The agreement will promote employment at transit points and terminals throughout Georgia, reported Georgian Railways.


Up to 200 000 tonnes of oil was transited via Georgia in 2007-2008.

Due to the military conflict with Russia in 2008 the load was transported via a different route.

Georgian Railway have been conducting active negotiations together with government officials concerning the restoration of the transport corridor since 2013.

After long-term negotiations, Georgia has managed to reach an agreement with Turkmenistan on transporting its petroleum products via Georgia, said Georgian Railways.


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