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Norway sets new gas export record

11 January 2017 , 12:09Neftegaz.RU593

A new record for gas exports by pipeline from Norway was set in 2016, when 108.56bn m3 was delivered through facilities operated by Gassco to Germany, Belgium, France and the UK, reported Gassco on January 10, 2017


That compares with 108.44bn m3 exported in 2015 to European buyers via these 4 countries.

Exports from the Snohvit LNG plant, not operated by Gassco, are not included in the figures.


In 2015 Norwegian production totalled 117.15bn m³, a figure that by November last year looked likely to be repeated.

«Deliveries show that European demand for Norwegian gas is higher than ever,» says Frode Leversund, CEO of Norwegian state subsea gas pipeline system operator Gassco: «It’s also gratifying that we’ve been able to set a new record in a year characterised by extensive maintenance work.»


Average regularity for Gassco’s transport system during 2016 was 99.71%, up from 99.38% in 2015.

Natural gas liquids and condensate deliveries from the Gassco-operated process plants at Karsto and Kollsnes (via Vestprosess) also rose to 10mn metric tons, compared with 9.6mn mt in 2015.


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