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Projects of Tatneft are among the Winners of the Innovative Ideas Contest

15 December 2016 , 12:12Neftegaz.RU618

Projects of Tatneft Company won the contest 50 best innovative ideas for the Republic of Tatarstan, reported the company on December 15, 2016.


There were more than 2000 applications submitted for participation in the in the 12th Republican contest of innovative ideas, organized by the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan jointly with the Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic.

The winners were determined in eight nominations: Perspective, Innovations in Education, Start of Innovations, Nanoimpulse, Projects of Innovative Russian Regions, Patent of the Year, Socially Important Innovations, Innovation Project of the Young.


The annual contest «50 best innovative ideas for the Republic of Tatarstan.» is aimed at stimulating innovative activities of scientists, inventors, engineers and technical workers, graduate students and students, as well as creating conditions for the introduction of new perspective technologies into the economy of the Republic, as well as development of knowledge-intensive industries in order enhancing the competitiveness of products of the Republic of Tatarstan.


The following projects were named the winners:

Category «Project of the Year.»: projects of NGDU Elkhovneft Oil and Gas Production Division  «Wellhead sealing device.», Andrei Paskidov;

«Method of determining occurrence intervals of gas-bearing formations in the well.», Gayssa Mussayev;

A joint project of TatNIPIneft Institute and Yamashneft Oil and Gas Production Division «Process of the oil reservoir development with horizontally completed wells.», Vadim Ahmetgareyev and Jalilneft Oil and Gas Production Division «A process of the oil reservoir development wells with application of horizontally completed wells.», Lenar Sagidullin;

Category «Start of Innovations.»: projects of Elkhovneft Oil and Gas Production Division «Computerized simulator complex for training the process personnel of the NGDU Elkhovneft’s combined oil refining installation.» (Sergey Ostrovsky);

Yamashneft Oil and Gas Production Division «Commissioning of wells with downhole pumping assembly filled with magnesium following acid treatment.» (Catherine Andayeva); 

Leninogorskneft Oil and Gas Production Division «Method of optimizing the sucker rod drive parameters.», (Radic Galimov).


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