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Lukoil takes part in building new bulk fuel installations in Sheremetyevo for the FIFA World Cup-2018

07 October 2016 , 14:02Neftegaz.RU801

Lukoil-Aero reported on October 6, 2016, that the company and AO Aeroport Sheremetyevo have kicked off a joint project to build bulk fuel installations in the territory of Sheremetyevo International Airport.


In preparation of its ground infrastructure for the increase in traffic during the FIFA 2018 championship, Moscow’s busiest airport Sheremetyevo has commenced construction of a new, third bulk fuel installation. It will provide refueling services on the central apron of the northern terminal complex. The project is co-founded by Sheremetyevo Airport and Lukoil-Aero, the aviation fuel subsidiary of Lukoil.

The facility, with an annual capacity of 1.2 million tons of jet fuel, is to ensure that the growing demand of the airport in aviation fuel is met, including during the FIFA World Cup-2018.


The project envisages a system of pipelines with exits to the central ramp of the Northern complex of terminals and also wells at the parking places for the aircraft, close to Terminal B, still under construction.

Besides, the third landing strip could be extended onto the territory of the ramp. The operation of the new installations will allow to refuel up to 14 jumbo jets at one time and fully satisfy the ever-growing demand of the airport for fuel. The nominal capacity of the tank park is 20,000 cubic meters.

Special emphasis was put on the facility’s ecological safety: there is a system to contain and recover accidental spills of petroleum, and a system of industrial sewerage which precludes soil pollution with petroleum and contaminated slime.

The facility will come on line in 2018.


Once the project is complete, airlines operating from Sheremetyevo will be able to chose from three competing fuel providers, the other two being Rosneft and Gazprom oil companies.

This will enable to optimize and minimize the operators’ fuel costs and make sure that basing and operating at the airport is increasingly convenient, the airport’s spokesperson emphasized.


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