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Venezuela to Develop Oil Recovery with Russia's Lukoil

Venezuela is planning to sign an agreement with Russia's private oil giant Lukoil
30 July 2007 , 14:210

PDVSA In Talks with Oil Workers

Venezuelan state oil enterprise PDVSA confirms positive dialogue with oil workers
06 July 2007 , 10:160

Venezuela Deprived Global Oil Majors Of Huge Crude Project

Venezuela deprived the world's biggest oil companies of operational control over massive Orinoco Belt
02 May 2007 , 10:110

Venezuela Threatens Foreign Oil Companies

Venezuela threatened on Tuesday not to compensate some foreign oil companies...
18 April 2007 , 11:080

ConocoPhillips: No Menace With Orinoco Project in Venezuela

US oil and gas giant ConocoPhillips CEO James Mulva said on Tuesday that Venezuelan officials have not threatened the company with taking over its projects
18 April 2007 , 09:360

Venezuela President: Reconciliation with Washington Impossible

He said a thirst for oil motivated both the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq and a failed 2002 coup against him
16 April 2007 , 10:440

«Gas OPEC» in Venezuela's Agenda in Doha

A gas OPEC-like cartel among gas producing countries, is on Venezuela's agenda during this week
10 April 2007 , 11:080

Venezuela Turns To China

Venezuela says it is working on a number of new oil deals with China
26 March 2007 , 11:480

All OPEC Ministers Backed Oil Price of $54

Rafael Ramirez, Venezuelan Minister of Petroleum and Energy, said a price of $54 is reasonable
16 March 2007 , 09:160

Venezuela: Chevron, Conoco Cede Projects Operation

Venezuela said yesterday US oil giants ConocoPhillips and Chevron Corp
09 March 2007 , 13:240

Exxon Hands Lucrative Oil Project to Venezuela's Government

Exxon Mobil has always been expected to take the toughest line with Venezuela
02 March 2007 , 11:090

Venezuelan President Intends to Seize Majority Stakes in 4 Projects

Chavez previously announced the government's intention to take a majority stake in the four heavy oil projects
27 February 2007 , 12:110

Venezuela Pumped Less of its Capacity

Venezuela pumped 2.34 million bpd of crude oil last month
13 February 2007 , 09:190

Venezuela to Make Changes in Oil, Gas, Electricity

Venezuelan lawmakers said Monday they would give President Hugo Chavez special powers to make changes...
30 January 2007 , 13:050

Venezuela, Cuba to Explore in Orinoco River, Gulf of Mexico

The state oil companies of Venezuela and Cuba will join in hunting petroleum in Venezuela's Orinoco River
29 January 2007 , 11:420

Alaska Villages Received Fuel With Donation

Alaskan villages have begun receiving a donation of fuel from Venezuela
16 January 2007 , 10:110

Venezuela, Iran to Jointly Develop Oil

Venezuela's state oil giant PDVSA has formed a joint venture with Iran
25 December 2006 , 10:200

Chavez Won 3rd Time

Hugo Chavez has won a third term of a president in Venezuela
04 December 2006 , 09:160

Latinoamerican Oil Firms To Develop Prospecting Venezuelan Projects

Oil prospecting and exploration activities in Venezuela
30 November 2006 , 13:380

Venezuelan Proven Oil Reserves Boosted

Ramirez pointed out that this indicator would be entered in international registers
15 November 2006 , 13:020

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