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Venezuela To Seize Gold Concessions To Compensate For Oil Fall

Venezuela will seize several gold-mining concessions that previous governments granted private operators, in a bid to supplement falling oil prices with proceeds from state-controlled gold, President Hugo Chavez announced
30 December 2008 , 11:21Ksenia Kochneva0

Russia to Invest $4 mln in Bolivian Gas

Immediate investment by Russian companies in the exploration of new gas fields in Bolivia could reach $4 million, Mexican media reported, referring to Bolivian Energy Minister Saul Avalos
30 December 2008 , 08:25Ksenia Kochneva0

Results of GECF

Gas states gathered in Moscow, Russia, yesterday to agree on gas industry development
24 December 2008 , 10:51Ksenia Kochneva0

Latin America Leads in 2008 Crude Oil and Gas Discoveries

Seven of the ten largest oil-and-gas discoveries worldwide this year occurred in Latin America, Dow Jones Newswires reported
22 December 2008 , 13:06Ksenia Kochneva0

LUKoil Plans to Develop Oil Deposit in Venezuela

LUKoil is expected to develop the Junin-3 oil deposit in Venezuela on its own
12 December 2008 , 11:37Ksenia Kochneva0

Russia To Build a Gas Pipeline btw Bolivia and Argentina

After the meeting with his Argentine counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev told the reporters Russia may take part in a project to build a gas pipeline linking Bolivia and Argentina
11 December 2008 , 09:52Ksenia Kochneva0

Medvedev and Chevaz Agree on Joint Venture

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Venezuelan President Hugo Chevaz agreed to form joint ventures to pump crude oil and to increase military and nuclear cooperation yesterday in the first visit by a Russian president to the South American country
27 November 2008 , 10:24Jo Amey0

Venezuela's Chavez Expresses Desires to Act on Oil Prices

President Hugo Chavez said Monday he wants to take measures to keep oil prices between $80 and $100 a barrel to stabilize the market
25 November 2008 , 10:50Jo Amey0

Venezuela Seek OPEC Oil Supply Cut

Venezuela said Sunday it will seek a cut of 1 million barrels in daily oil production by OPEC by the end of this year
24 November 2008 , 11:51Jo Amey0

Venezuela Reviewing Economic Situation

Venezuela is reviewing its economic situation daily and may revise its 2009 budget in January or February as oil prices fall amid the global financial crisis
24 November 2008 , 08:19Jo Amey0

Putin Sets Western Gas Consumers At Ease

Russian PM says that the anxiety is groundless: gas-OPEC including Russia will not lead to price manipulation
12 November 2008 , 09:11Ksenia Kochneva0

Russian Companies Make Oil Refining Deal in Venezuela

Five Russian oil companies have taken an equal share in a deal to produce and refine Venezuelan oil
10 November 2008 , 10:32Jo Amey0

Russian Deputy PM in Venezuela for Energy Talks

Igor Sechin is leading the delegation of around 60 businessmen, which will be taking part in Russian-Venezuelan intergovernmental commission meetings on November 6-7
07 November 2008 , 10:46Ksenia Kochneva0

Gasprom to Start Testingfor Gas in Venezuela

A Russian floating platform will start to drill deep test wells on November 7 to prospect natural gas fields in the Gulf of Venezuela
03 November 2008 , 12:46Jo Amey0

Deep-water oil exploration Deal btw Brazil and Cuba

Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque said Cuba "will sign in the presence of Brazilian President Lula a very important agreement for oil exploration in deep water".
01 November 2008 , 11:29Ksenia Kochneva0

Venezuela Toning Down its Nationalistic Approach

Venezuela is softening its nationalist tone and inviting foreign companies to invest in oil production
01 November 2008 , 09:20Jo Amey0

Venezuela To Open Bidding Soon

Venezuela announced Thursday that it will open up bidding next month for contracts to exploit four areas of its heavy-oil-producing Orinoco River belt
31 October 2008 , 10:56Jo Amey0

Venezuela Ambition May Be Curbed by Low Oil Prices

Plummeting oil prices are threatening the economy in Venezuela and could put an end to ambitions to expand his socialist revolution at home and abroad
28 October 2008 , 11:48Jo Amey0

Chavez Claims Venezuela Can Withstand Crisis

Venezuela can withstand the global financial crisis according to President Hugo Chavez
23 October 2008 , 09:00Jo Amey0

Plans for World Oil Bank

The Venezuelan Minister of Planning and Development quoted President Hugo Chavez as proposing establishment of world oil bank
21 October 2008 , 12:07Jo Amey0

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