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Venezuela, Colombia To Jointly Build Gas Pipeline

Venezuela and Colombia have agreed to build a 200 km gas pipeline running from Colombian offshore gas wells to facilities
24 November 2005 , 10:590

Venezuela To Supply Discount Oil To Poor Americans

The agreement gives Hugo Chavez's government standing as a provider of heating assistance to poor U.S. citizens
23 November 2005 , 13:260

Venezuela To Supply Cheap Oil To Argentina

Venezuela on Monday agreed to supply Argentina with cheap diesel oil
22 November 2005 , 14:320

US Free Trade Area Project Is Dead: Chavez

The FTAA "is dead and I didn't come here to talk of the dead...."
07 November 2005 , 15:250

Venezuela To Generate Electricity From Nuclear Energy

Venezuela is to present a project for a feasibility study to generate electricity...
31 October 2005 , 09:060

Chavez: Get Used To High Oil Price

The world was close to a major global energy crisis, said Chavez...
17 October 2005 , 10:350

Venezuela To Create New Gold Mining Firm

Venezuela plans to revoke some gold and diamond concessions and create a new state mining company
21 September 2005 , 14:200

Gazprom, Chevron To Operate In Venezuela

Venezuela's government assigned two natural gas blocks to Russia's gas monopoly Gazprom and one to the US oil giant Chevron
14 September 2005 , 12:460

Chavez To Give 1m barels of Gasoline To The US

Venezuela will send 1 million barrels of gasoline to the areas affected
05 September 2005 , 12:180

The First Step Towards Peace: Venezuela

Venezuela hopes to form relations of understanding and respect with the United States
30 August 2005 , 09:590

Venezuela Gives a Discount

Venezuela will provide about 22,000 barrels of oil daily at a discounted rate of $40 a barrel
26 August 2005 , 09:210

Venezuela To Lend OIl To Ecuador

Venezuela will lend Ecuador oil as the latter was forced to suspend its crude exports amid violent protests
22 August 2005 , 11:250

Venezuela Refinery On Fire: Output Slashed

Venezuelan oil refinery had been set on fire, which caused production cut down
19 August 2005 , 10:580

We Will See Who's Robbing

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has accused foreign oil companies of "robbing" the country
19 August 2005 , 10:500

Venezuela To Stop Oil Supplies To US

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez threatened that Venezuela could stop supplying oil to the United States
17 August 2005 , 12:090

Venezuela Undermine Latin America Against USA

A U.S. official accused Venezuela of undermining democratic movements in Latin America
09 August 2005 , 15:150

Shell, Chevron To Pay Huge Taxes To Venezuela

Venezuelan authorities have said that foreign firms may owe the country up to $3bn
15 July 2005 , 11:500

Venezuela Tries To Buy Caribbean Support»

Venezuela signed new regional energy agreement with twelve Caribbean nations on supplying oil for cheaper prices
04 July 2005 , 09:230

Venezuela Says No

Venezuela's Minister of Energy and Mines Rafael Ramirez said yesterday that the country would not support...
30 June 2005 , 09:580

Cuba, Vanezuela To Biuld Oil Alliance

Presidents of Cuba and Venezuela Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez met on Tuesday to fuck...
29 June 2005 , 12:450

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