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Chavez: Oil Prices Hike Caused By Bush Policy

Hugo Chavez said on Thursday that he expected world oil prices to rise
12 May 2006 , 11:270

Venezuela Wants to Account to the US No More

PDVSA has said it will no longer disclose information
17 April 2006 , 08:410

Venezuela To Supply Oil to India

Venezuela's state oil giant PDVSA and India signed an agreement on delivery of 2 mln bpd of Brazil oil
13 April 2006 , 10:110

Venezuela Turns to Cuba

Venezuela and Cuba have formed a joint venture to tight ties
12 April 2006 , 09:550

Venezuela Shuts Total's Office For Tax Pay Failure

Venezuela's tax agency is going to close the office of France's oil and gas major
09 March 2006 , 10:140

US Afraid Of Venezuela, Bolivia Hindering Investments in Energy Sector

The United States expressed fears over the possibility that both Venezuela and Bolivia may hinder foreign investments
06 March 2006 , 09:340

PDVSA Increases Supply Gasoline to Domestic Market

Venezuela's state oil company plans to increase its supply
22 February 2006 , 09:320

OPEC to Cut Its Oil Production

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries should cut its oil production by 500,000
17 February 2006 , 11:560

Venezuela Double its Oil Export to China

Venezuela hopes to nearly double its oil exports to China in the near future
09 February 2006 , 11:520

Venezuela Signed Oil Refining Deal With France

Venezuela's state-run oil company PDVSA struck a deal on cooperation in oil refining technology
18 January 2006 , 10:460

Venezuela To Construct Pipeline From Brazil To Argentina

Venezuela is likely to build a natural gas pipeline across Brazil to Argentina
16 January 2006 , 13:100

Venezuela Delivered Ultimatum To ExxonMobil

Failure to do so will almost certainly result in Exxon losing its oil field concessions there
21 December 2005 , 11:510

Venezuela, Paraguay Settled Problems, Signed a Deal

Venezuela will ship 18,600 barrels of crude oil per day to Paraguay
12 December 2005 , 10:120

Venezuela To Establish New Mining Policy

Venezuela's government will complete a review of mining contracts and concessions
02 December 2005 , 12:230

Hugo Chavez's Position Stable

Venezuela's three opposition parties have pulled out of Sunday's congressional poll, accusing the electoral body of favouring pro-government candidates
30 November 2005 , 09:330

Venezuela, Colombia To Jointly Build Gas Pipeline

Venezuela and Colombia have agreed to build a 200 km gas pipeline running from Colombian offshore gas wells to facilities
24 November 2005 , 10:590

Venezuela To Supply Discount Oil To Poor Americans

The agreement gives Hugo Chavez's government standing as a provider of heating assistance to poor U.S. citizens
23 November 2005 , 13:260

Venezuela To Supply Cheap Oil To Argentina

Venezuela on Monday agreed to supply Argentina with cheap diesel oil
22 November 2005 , 14:320

US Free Trade Area Project Is Dead: Chavez

The FTAA "is dead and I didn't come here to talk of the dead...."
07 November 2005 , 15:250

Venezuela To Generate Electricity From Nuclear Energy

Venezuela is to present a project for a feasibility study to generate electricity...
31 October 2005 , 09:060

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