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Venezuelan State Oil Firm in Full Growth

PDVSA President presented today the company's audited 2005 financial statements
05 October 2006 , 13:110

Venezuela Confirmed Cutting Oil Production

Venezuela's reduction followed remarks by President Hugo Chavez...
05 October 2006 , 12:020

China, Venezuela Combine Forces Against US

For Chavez, closer ties with China are a counterweight against the open hostility of Washington
07 September 2006 , 11:160

Venezuela, Angola Signed a Mysterious Contract

Officials did not not provide details of the pact, but Ramirez told reporters that the agreement...
04 September 2006 , 13:240

Venezuela Raised Oil Producing Taxes Sharply

Venezuela sharply raised taxes on four heavy oil projects Tuesday
31 August 2006 , 09:360

Venezuela Wants to Become Steady and Stable China's Oil Provider

China will invest around $5 billion in energy projects in Venezuela by 2012
29 August 2006 , 10:160

Venezuela to Increase Significantly Oil Exports to China

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez pledged to dramatically increase oil exports to China
28 August 2006 , 09:120

Venezuela Welcomes China to Build Drilling Rigs

Chavez is also set to finalize a deal with Beijing for the construction of 24 drilling rigs in Venezuela
24 August 2006 , 13:180

Venezuela to Reform Oil Tax System

Venezuela's Congress is seeking to approve reforms
21 August 2006 , 13:030

Venezuelan Oil Corp Offers Cheap Heating for Indian Tribes

Citgo Petroleum Corp. wants to offer deep discounts on home heating oil to American Indian tribes
14 August 2006 , 12:570

Venezuela to Take 1st Place Having Greatest Oil Reserves

PDVSA will start a quantification process of the heavy and extra-heavy crude oil reserves
11 August 2006 , 09:280

Venezuela Opens Tender Bid for Gas Exploration

Venezuela opened on Tuesday global bidding for licenses for licenses to explore
10 August 2006 , 14:130

Venezuela Welcomes Iran to Invest in Oil and Gas

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has urged Iran to increase investment in his country's oil and gas assets
03 August 2006 , 09:130

Russia's Gazprom to Help Venezuela's PDVSA

Petroleos de Venezuela SA, state oil and gas company
31 July 2006 , 10:160

Venezuela, Russia For Fair Oil Prices

Chavez said that he would discuss oil prices when he meets with Russian President
27 July 2006 , 14:040

Venezuela Increases Oil Export to China

Venezuela will increase petroleum exportation to China by 300,000 barrels daily
13 July 2006 , 14:320

Venezuela, Colombia Construct Gas Pipeline

The pipeline will link the natural gas fields in Colombia's La Guajira department and Venezuela's city of Maracaiboin Zulia
10 July 2006 , 10:150

Venezuela Threats Oil Soars to $100

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez warned on Friday that oil prices could...
26 June 2006 , 10:340

Venezuela For Setting Oil Prices in Euros

Venezuela has backed a proposal to sell oil in euros instead of U.S. dollars
02 June 2006 , 12:570

Venezuela Welcomes Bolivia, Ecuador to OPEC

Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez has lobbied members of the oil producers'
02 June 2006 , 09:270

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