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Venezuela Pumped Less of its Capacity

Venezuela pumped 2.34 million bpd of crude oil last month
13 February 2007 , 09:190

Venezuela to Make Changes in Oil, Gas, Electricity

Venezuelan lawmakers said Monday they would give President Hugo Chavez special powers to make changes...
30 January 2007 , 13:050

Venezuela, Cuba to Explore in Orinoco River, Gulf of Mexico

The state oil companies of Venezuela and Cuba will join in hunting petroleum in Venezuela's Orinoco River
29 January 2007 , 11:420

Alaska Villages Received Fuel With Donation

Alaskan villages have begun receiving a donation of fuel from Venezuela
16 January 2007 , 10:110

Venezuela, Iran to Jointly Develop Oil

Venezuela's state oil giant PDVSA has formed a joint venture with Iran
25 December 2006 , 10:200

Chavez Won 3rd Time

Hugo Chavez has won a third term of a president in Venezuela
04 December 2006 , 09:160

Latinoamerican Oil Firms To Develop Prospecting Venezuelan Projects

Oil prospecting and exploration activities in Venezuela
30 November 2006 , 13:380

Venezuelan Proven Oil Reserves Boosted

Ramirez pointed out that this indicator would be entered in international registers
15 November 2006 , 13:020

Venezuela To Sell Oil To US Much Cheaper

Venezuela will provide heavily discounted heating oil
03 November 2006 , 12:230

OPEC Cuts Oil Production, Venezuela Increases

Venezuela is likely to call for an additional oil production
02 November 2006 , 10:280

Venezuela's Oil Income Funds Health, Education, Feeding

Venezuela is likely to increase government spending due to record oil income
19 October 2006 , 09:490

China Got Heavy Oil Area in Venezuela

China joins the quantification of Orinoco River Strip
19 October 2006 , 08:250

Venezuela Faced Oil Price Drop

The Venezuelan oil industry Saturday faces a widespread oil price drop
16 October 2006 , 09:470

Iran, Venezuela Worry Over Oil Market Unstability

The oil ministers of Iran and Venezuela on Tuesday expressed concern over the "instability of the oil market"
12 October 2006 , 13:490

Alaska's Aleuts Suffer But Refuse Venezuelan Fuel

And yet a few villages are refusing free heating oil from Venezuela
11 October 2006 , 10:240

Venezuelan State Oil Firm in Full Growth

PDVSA President presented today the company's audited 2005 financial statements
05 October 2006 , 13:110

Venezuela Confirmed Cutting Oil Production

Venezuela's reduction followed remarks by President Hugo Chavez...
05 October 2006 , 12:020

China, Venezuela Combine Forces Against US

For Chavez, closer ties with China are a counterweight against the open hostility of Washington
07 September 2006 , 11:160

Venezuela, Angola Signed a Mysterious Contract

Officials did not not provide details of the pact, but Ramirez told reporters that the agreement...
04 September 2006 , 13:240

Venezuela Raised Oil Producing Taxes Sharply

Venezuela sharply raised taxes on four heavy oil projects Tuesday
31 August 2006 , 09:360

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