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Turkmen to Start Up a New Energy Corridor to Europe

Turkmen President had talks with his Turkish and Azeri counterparts building a new pipeline to Europe that would bypass Russia
01 December 2008 , 10:56Ksenia Kochneva0

Cyrus Accuses Turkey of Naval 'Provocations'

Cypriot officials claim a Turkish warship on two separate occasions this month approached a pair of chartered Norwegian survey ships off southern Cyprus and ordered them to leave the area
26 November 2008 , 09:56Jo Amey0

Turkish Oil Pipeline Repaired After Fire

Turkey's state-run news agency says an oil pipeline has been repaired after a three-day fire and has resumed carrying oil from Iraq to the Mediterranean
24 November 2008 , 11:41Jo Amey0

ExxonMobil and TPAO to Explore Oil in Black Sea

Exxon Mobil Corp. and Turkey's state-run oil company, TPAO, signed a deal Wednesday for the joint exploration and development of oil and natural gas off its Black Sea coast
20 November 2008 , 10:41Jo Amey0

Iraq and Turkey Sign Memorandum of Understanding

A memorandum of understanding was signed between Iraq and Turkey on Monday for the development of two phases of its South Pars gas field in the Gulf and on transferring gas to Europe
18 November 2008 , 09:40Jo Amey0

Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan Agreed on Oil Transportation

The new oil transport system across the Caspian Sea will help get Central Asia's massive energy reserves to Western markets and circumvent Russian territory
17 November 2008 , 10:37Ksenia Kochneva0

Blast on Oil Pipeline Between Iraq and Turkey

A blast at a pipeline carrying oil from Iraq to Turkey halted supplies and caused a large spill
07 November 2008 , 09:12Jo Amey0

EU Envoy Hopes for Gas Pipeline Deal to be Reached Bewteen Turkey and Europe

European Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs said on Thursday he hoped Europe and Turkey would reach a deal early next year on transit terms to make the planned Nabucco gas pipeline a reality
07 November 2008 , 08:33Jo Amey0

EU Representative Attempts to Remove Obstacles for ITGI Pipeline

European Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs heads to Turkey on Wednesday seeking to shift one of the most immediate obstacles to European imports of gas from the Caspian region
05 November 2008 , 09:11Jo Amey0

Syria-Turkey Gas Pipeline Built by Russians

The Russian Stroitransgaz company is to extend a gas link from Syria to Turkey
15 October 2008 , 08:25Ksenia Kochneva0

Turkey Gas Line Commissioned

Turkey gas pipeline, the Blue Stream, was inaugurated today
16 September 2008 , 13:56Jo Amey0

Azerbaijan is ready to direct gas output to EU

Greece starts to buy gas from Baku - at first without intermediaries
15 September 2008 , 14:39Ksenia Kochneva0

Oil Gained On Stronger Dollar, Turkish-Kurdish Uncertainty

Oil prices eased under $120 a barrel Friday in Asia amind stronger US dollar and Turkish pipeline sabotage
08 August 2008 , 13:010

Ankara Natural Gas Network Sold to Yatirim-Energaz Consortium

The business was being run by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, but it had to sell the company to use the privatization revenue to pay off the debts
29 July 2008 , 09:110

Lukoil To Buy Turkish Petroleum Products Company

Russian private oil major Lukoil has agreed to pay more than $500 million for...
29 July 2008 , 08:460

Turkey To Explore, Drill and Market Iraqi Oil

The parties have signed a document which grants the Turkish Petroleum Corporation the right to explore...
14 July 2008 , 12:140

Oil Won’t Sink Below $126

Monday oil prices moved close to the extremely record levels above $126pb on concerns of supply disruptions in the world's largest crude producing region in the Middle East
12 May 2008 , 08:520

Turkey Kicked Out Of Iraqi Oil Kitchen

During a common discussion of Turkish, Iraqi and American senior officials Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan told Hoshyar Zebari that Ankara was unhappy of being left out of the oil tenders to explore and develop the existing oil fields in Iraq
25 April 2008 , 12:510

Iran Resumes Gas Supply to Turkey

On January 1st Iran sharply reduced the flow, then stopped it entirely a week later
29 January 2008 , 12:460

Turkey To Invest in Iranian Gas

Turkey plans to finance a $3.5bn investment in Iranian gas production
04 October 2007 , 09:330

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