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Oil Won’t Sink Below $126

Monday oil prices moved close to the extremely record levels above $126pb on concerns of supply disruptions in the world's largest crude producing region in the Middle East
12 May 2008 , 08:520

Turkey Kicked Out Of Iraqi Oil Kitchen

During a common discussion of Turkish, Iraqi and American senior officials Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan told Hoshyar Zebari that Ankara was unhappy of being left out of the oil tenders to explore and develop the existing oil fields in Iraq
25 April 2008 , 12:510

Iran Resumes Gas Supply to Turkey

On January 1st Iran sharply reduced the flow, then stopped it entirely a week later
29 January 2008 , 12:460

Turkey To Invest in Iranian Gas

Turkey plans to finance a $3.5bn investment in Iranian gas production
04 October 2007 , 09:330

Turkey, Iran and Turkmenistan Build Jointly Power Plant

Turkey, Iran and Turkmenistan will set up a company to build a natural gas-fired power plant
22 August 2007 , 13:010

Turkey Tries to Prevent Cyprus From Exploring Oil

The Government of Cyprus has repeated it would not be intimidated into scrapping bids for oil drilling off Cypriot shores after Ankara
06 August 2007 , 09:120

Turkey Helps Georgia Reduce its Energy Dependence from Russia

Turkey has agreed to give up some of its stake of a giant Caspian gas field to Georgia
25 December 2006 , 09:050

Turkey Doesn't Want Kurds to Be Independent: Kirkuk

Turkey wants to prevent the city and its giant pool of underground oil from becoming an economic engine
11 December 2006 , 11:420

Azerbaijan: Russia Increases Gas Price Hindering our Project with Turkey

Azerbaijan has offered state-owned Turkish Pipeline Company to postpone the project for one year
20 November 2006 , 09:540

Petrobras Helps to Explore Turkish Fields of Oil and Hydrocarbons

Brazilian oil giant Petrobras and the Turkish state oil company signed yesterday two contracts
21 August 2006 , 10:240

India, Turkey to Have Joint Refinery in Ceyhan

The refinery would have an annual capacity of 15 million ton per annum
04 August 2006 , 12:400

Iraqi Oil Shipments to Turkey Suspended

Persistent acts of sabotage by insurgents shut the northern export pipeline for most of this year
16 June 2006 , 14:240

Turkey To Halt Refined Oil Supply To Iraq

Turkey decided to halt supply of refined oil to Iraq due to Baghdad's overdue debts,a cabinet minister said on Saturday
23 January 2006 , 11:240

Iraq Needs Oil!

Iraq has signed contracts with some Turkish companies
17 January 2005 , 08:580

Two Hotels, LNG Plant Blasted in Turkey

Today several explosions took place in Turkey, bursting two hotels and a gas plant in Istanbul
10 August 2004 , 08:000

Turkish-US Ties on the Rise

Before his trip to Washingon, Turkish State Minister...
06 April 2004 , 11:260

Joining the West

The Turkish Public Highway Administration has begun the construction of...
22 March 2004 , 13:260

A Different Set of Rules

Turkish teenager refuses to marry man who raped her...
11 March 2004 , 12:170

Halliburton Out, Turkey In

The US Department of Defense has awarded Turkish petroleum companies...
09 March 2004 , 13:140

Someone Finally Says It

According to Russia's Vice Foreign Minister, Viktor Kalyuzhny, Turkey has intentionally...
09 March 2004 , 12:050

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