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Saudi wants a freeze and prices north of $60, say OPEC/Industry sources

While skepticism has greeted Saudi Arabia's suggestion it will be more agreeable in the upcoming OPEC´s freeze talks, new rumours that it will support an output cap in order to maximize the profitability of its state-owned Aramco IPO are gaining traction.

02 September 2016 , 16:10Ship & BunkerNeftegaz.RU0

200 tons of crude oil leaked into the Red Sea's Gulf from Jordan's Aqaba port

The civil defense chief in Jordan's Red Sea port of Aqaba told that the leak was brought under control within 15 minutes, without saying how much oil had leaked.

24 August 2016 , 18:17Neftegaz.RU0

OPEC’s former Head said «conditions are set» for oil freeze

Chakib Khelil told the agency that «conditions are set for an agreement», referring to OPEC’s desire to solidify an output-freeze in the wake of the oil glut.

18 August 2016 , 16:20Neftegaz.RU0

Malaysia's Daya awarded contract by Schlumberger for services in Saudi Arabia

Daya Materials has announced that its subsidiary has been awarded a 3-year contract by Schlumberger for services in Saudi Arabia.

15 August 2016 , 16:40Neftegaz.RU0

Saudi Aramco: IKTVA program takes another huge stride

The company’s In-Kingdom Total Value Add Program (IKTVA) continues to strength with the announcement of the completion of the largest offshore tie-in platform ever constructed in Saudi Arabia.

03 August 2016 , 18:27Neftegaz.RU0

Iran ships first 2mln barrels of crude to East China

Iran have targeted a new group of clients in China to sell its crude oil – a plan which may lead to an increase in imports from the country and so far more intense rivalry between it and the giant producer Saudi Arabia.

20 July 2016 , 15:02Neftegaz.RU0

Japan’s Iranian Oil Imports Up 61 %

Iran’s crude oil exports to Japan surged 61 in May from a year earlier, based on the data from Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

18 July 2016 , 13:02Neftegaz.RU0

S&P Global Platts: June OPEC Output of 32.73 Million Barrels of Crude Per Day, Highest Since August 2008

Oil production from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) crude oil output surged 300,000 barrels per day (b/d) in June, close to an eight-year high of 32.73 million b/d, as production in Nigeria and Libya tentatively recovered along with steady increases for Saudi Arabia and Iran, according to an S&P Global Platts survey of OPEC and oil industry officials.

12 July 2016 , 17:29Neftegaz.RU0

Iran Sold Poland 2 mln Barrels of Oil

Iran has sold a major cargo of crude oil to Poland, a move which could intense rivalry with Saudi Arabia and Russia in supplying the markets of northern Europe.

07 July 2016 , 10:43Neftegaz.RU0

Minister Del Pino: «The actions of the Bolivarian Government have helped price recovery»

The President of Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), Eulogio Del Pino said in an interview with journalist Jose Vicente Rangel, that the actions of the Bolivarian Government led by President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, have been a key factor in oil price recovery.

05 July 2016 , 09:37Neftegaz.RU0

Saudi Arabia on Alert Over Possible Oil or Mall Attack

Saudi Arabia has put security forces on alert for a possible militant attack on a shopping mall or energy installation, Interior Ministry spokesman Mansour Turki said on Monday.

21 April 2015 , 09:47Reporting by Angus McDowall; Editing by Michael Georgy and Mark HeinrichNeftegaz.RU0

Saudi Arabia to Drill for Shale Gas This Year

Saudi Arabia signaled Monday that it intends to remain a world energy powerhouse for the foreseeable future, partly by exploiting new technology which has unlocked vast quantities of oil and natural gas in North America.

19 March 2013 , 09:34Neftegaz.RU0

Lamprell's losses are even bigger than expected

Lamprell has revised projected losses for 2012 to around US$105 million.

20 November 2012 , 10:49Neftegaz.RU0

Saudi may lower heavy crude grade prices to Asia

Top oil exporter Saudi Arabia will probably lower the official selling prices for heavy and medium grade crudes that it sells to Asia in December, driven by weakening product margins and depressed demand, a Reuters poll showed.

06 November 2012 , 10:17Neftegaz.RU0

KSA may have only 18 years left as net exporter

A report by Citigroup has suggested that Saudi Arabia could risk becoming a net oil importer by 2030 as a result of rapidly growing energy consumption. The report, obtained by Bloomberg and the Daily Telegraph, argues that the Kingdom may have no oil available for export within 20 years if current energy usage trends continue.

10 September 2012 , 17:27Neftegaz.RU0

Foster Wheeler and Amec win Kuwait refinery job

Amec and Foster Wheeler have won the consultancy contracts for both Kuwait’s $14.2bn Al-Zour refinery and its $16.3bn clean fuel project, local paper Al-Rai daily has reported.

05 September 2012 , 10:00Neftegaz.RU0

Survey Finds Oil In Northern Afghanistan

A preliminary survey has found that Afghanistan may have 1.8 billion barrels of oil in the north of the country, an official said.

17 August 2010 , 11:10Oil and Gas Eurasia0

Despite some arrests Saudi Arabia is more than ever under Al Qaeda threat

Analysts are warning Saudi Arabia not to be overly triumphant after busting Al Qaeda cells planning a major attack, because the terrorist group will not be easily defeated.

25 March 2010 , 09:49Timothy McDonaldABC News0

New gas discovery for Saudi Aramco

Preliminary reservoir tests of the Jalameed Well 3 showed commercial potential for tapping the gas, which flowed at a rate of 12.1 million cubic feet a day

25 February 2010 , 08:15Bloomberg0

Aramco finances Saudi biggest oil field renewal

State oil giant Saudi Aramco plans to inject carbon dioxide into the world's biggest oilfield by 2012.

16 February 2010 , 13:15Reem ShamseddineReuters0

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