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Opec's Qatar Against Increasing Output

OPEC is unlikely to change crude oil output when its ministers meet in the United Arab Emirates this week
03 December 2007 , 13:440

Qatari-French JV Launched Expansion Project

Qapco, the joint-venture between Industries Qatar and Total Petrochemicals has successfully started
12 October 2007 , 13:130

Qatar Wants To Sell its Crude for $100

Qatar's energy minister said crude oil prices, which have surged recently to record levels above 80 dollars a barrel
10 October 2007 , 08:330

World Oil Players Meet in Qatar

The Gas Exporting Countries Forum is seeking to form the gas equivalent of the OPEC
05 April 2007 , 10:340

Iran, Qatar Jointly Develop Mobarak

Iran and Qatar have reached an agreement on the joint management of the Mobarak oilfield
27 December 2006 , 10:110

Qatar, Shell to Construct World's Largest GTL

Qatar Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell announced on Thursday the launch of a big GLT project
28 July 2006 , 14:100

ExxonMobil to Develop Gas Field In Qatar

ExxonMobil Middle East Gas Marketing Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Exxon Mobil Corp
11 July 2006 , 14:090

UAE, Oman Build Natural Gas Plant

UAE's oil company Dolphin Energy is pushing ahead with a major project to supply the UAE and Oman with natural gas
28 November 2005 , 11:420

Qatar Petroleum, ExxonMobil Buy Italian LNG Plant

Edison will be the main beneficiary of the terminal
05 May 2005 , 14:410

Exxon, Qatar Petorleum Acquired Italian LNG Firm Stake

US oil giant Exxon Mobil Corp. said on Monday that it has purchased along with Qatar Petroleum
03 May 2005 , 13:320

Qatar Will Follow Other Members

Qatar agrees to a second increase in OPEC's oil production quota
28 March 2005 , 14:280

Shell To Build LNG Plant In Qatar

The Qatar investment will occur after a series of reductions...
01 March 2005 , 10:170

Qatar To Supply LNG To Europe, North America

Qatar signed a deal to supply liquefied natural gas to North America and Europe
28 February 2005 , 10:060

Qatar, Kuwait To Build Pipeline Via Saudi Arabia

Qatar and Kuwait would construct jointly a cross-border gas pipeline via Saudi Arabia
08 February 2005 , 09:060

Qatar Gas To Flow To UK

US oil major ExxonMobil Corp. and Qatar Petroleum said Wednesday they will spend
16 December 2004 , 10:270

ExxonMobil To Construct GTL Facility in Qatar

Qatar Petroleum signed a heads of agreement with US oil major ExxonMobil Corp
15 July 2004 , 07:300

Foreigners Allowed in $2.5 Billion Venture

The Qatari government has approved...
07 April 2004 , 08:460

$350 Million Pipeline Contract Approved

Italian firm wins bid for vital Middle East link...
29 March 2004 , 12:190

Qatari Expansion Outsourced

The Qatari Petrochemical Company has signed...
29 March 2004 , 12:010

Gulf Drilling International Established

Company could be a force to be reckoned with....
25 March 2004 , 10:330

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